P/N SS6519
Super Shear Polyurethane Foam
Trim Saw

The Super Shear has a 1 - 1/8 inch stroke. This saw will cut open and closed cell foam with great efficiency. The stroke allows you to cut at a slower rpm (which reduces vibration) but still get excellent cutting speed. It is your dream come true for cutting closed cell foam! This saw does not come with a blade. Open and closed cell blades are available depending on what kind of insulation you will be trimming.

P/N SS6519


  • 1 - 1/8 inch stroke
  • Absolutely maintenance free
  • Amps: 12
  • Strokes per Minute: 0-3000
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Offset blade for ease of use and cleaner cuts
  • T-Handle for ultimate comfort and control
  • Blade Mount: 2 Screws
  • Cuts Open Cell or Closed Cell Insulation
  • Trim walls up to 10 feet high without scaffold
  • Gear protecting clutch - absorbs high impacts

        NOTE: Blades must be purchased separately.

Open Cell Blade

This blade is for trimming open cell spray foam. It leaves a very smooth cut and no static shreds that cling to everything. It is reversible for longer life but remember to always keep a sharp blade on for smooth and fast cutting.

P/N SS65919-OC1

  • 27 inches long
  • Available single blade or 10-blade pack

Closed Cell Blade

This blade is the future in trimming closed cell spray foam. It is very aggressive and slices through the toughest foam, leaving a clean cut at an affordable price!

P/N SS6519-CC2

  • 18 inches long
  • Available single blade or 5-blade pack
    P/N SD20OCC
C I Cutter Polyurethane Foam
Rotary Planner

C I CUTTER - The most advanced foam insulation rotary planner marketed today. This is a professional grade Cutter for the insulation trade from Schmidt & Dirks Designs, Inc.

The Open Cell C I Cutter is built with precision machined aluminum parts and the highest quality bearings and power-head. It is designed with triangular teeth to trim Open Cell foam quickly and efficiently with no stud damage and minimal damage to elecrical outlets, wiring and plumbing.

The C I Cutter uses a Makita 120volt Electric Power-head that has a Filter over the air intake and is very powerful and dependable. We are also using a custom stronger Bar now to fasten the Cutter Head onto the Makita.

The C I Cutter cuts smoothly and trims the wall cleanly the full width of the head. This allows for fast easy trimming of corners. By running the head directly on the studs it also uses its rotating head to feed itself up the wall. This minimizes the effort it takes to operate this trimmer if used properly.







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