Air Respirator Systems




Full Mask Low Pressure Systems

The Full Mask Systems provide a portable air source for one, two or three respirator users. They include one, two or three full mask supplied air respirators, a 1/4 hp ambient air pump, 3/4 hp pump or 1 1/2 hp pump, and 50 or 100 foot breathing air hose. (Maximum 100 ft./person)


Full Mask Systems
P/N AL9210-01   Air Filtration System, One Person, 100' Hose
P/N AL9210-02   Air Filtration System, Two Person, 100' Hose
P/N AL9210-03   Air Filtration System, Three Person, 100' Hose

Tyvek Hood Systems
P/N AL9230-01    Air Filtration System, One Person, 100' Hose
P/N AL9230-02    Air Filtration System, Two Person, 100' Hose

P/N AL9901           Full Mask, LP
P/N AL9901-09L   Full Mask Replacement Lens
P/N AL9901-25     Peel-Off Lens Covers (25/pk)

P/N AL9700-02     Exhaust Filter Element
P/N AL9700-01     Inlet Filter Element
P/N AL9920-01A   Breathing Tube Assy.
P/N AL9700-08     Inlet Filter Assy.





Carry-Air™ and Wall-Air™ Filtration Panels
High Pressure Systems

Allegro’s Air Filtration Panels convert shop air to clean breathable air. They provide from 1 to 5 airline respirators a portable source of up to 15,30, or 60 CFM of breathable air from 5-125 psig. The 3-stage filtration system purifies compressed air removing water, oil and particulate contaminants. An optional carbon monoxide monitor, which can be operated in AC or DC mode, activates an audible alarm when the concentration of CO exceeds 10 ppm (set for 5 ppm in Canada). An adjustable pressure relief valve protects the CO monitor and respirators in the event of regulator failure. The Carry-Air is housed in a rugged Pelican case for portability and protection. All models meet NIOSH requirements for point-of-attachment.
(Maximum 300 ft./person)

P/N AL9873-40   Air Filtration System, One Person, Wall Mount
P/N AL9872-40   Air Filtration System, Two Person, Wall Mount
P/N AL9875-40   Air Filtration System, Five Person, Wall Mount



P/N AL9873         Air Filtration System, One Person, Portable
P/N AL9872         Air Filtration System, Two Person, Portable
P/N AL9875         Air Filtration System, Five Person, Portable

    AL9992_flow_control_valve   P/N AL9992         Adjustable Flow Control Valve
                                 (required with all HP Systems)
    AL9991_personnal_air_cooler   P/N AL9991         Personal Air Cooler

Full Mask Supplied Air Respirator

Our Full Mask continuous flow supplied air respirator is made of silicone rubber for durability and will hold its shape even in extreme heat and cold. The double sealing flange provides an improved face-to-mask seal and a deep chin pocket provides a better, more comfortable fit. The replaceable polycarbonate lens offers a wider, distortion-free viewing area with an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating. A removable hairnet means greater comfort and fits easily under a hard hat. The unique "over the shoulder" hose design clips at the collar and an adjustable belt holds the air hose out of the way of work. Comes with OBAC quick connects. One Size Fits Most. NIOSH approved

P/N AL9901             Full Mask, LP
P/N AL9901-09L     Full Mask Replacement Lens
P/N AL9901-25       Peel-Off Lens Covers (25/pk)

P/N AL9902             Full Mask, HP
P/N AL9901-09L     Full Mask Replacement Lens
P/N AL9901-25       Peel-Off Lens Covers (25/pk)


Maintenance Free Tyvek® Hood

Our NIOSH-approved Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood is so unique, it’s patented. This hood is designed with the breathing or down tube and head suspension completely integrated so that the hood assembly is constructed into a one-piece instead of the standard three-piece assembly. This eliminated the need for decontamination of the breathing tube orreplacement parts, because the entire hood assembly is disposed of after use. Designed to connect to the high pressure Adjustable Personal Air Cooler. NIOSH Approved

P/N AL9911-20     Tyvek Hood
P/N AL9910-25     Face Mask Tear-offs (10/pk)

(For LP or HP Systems)


Single Low or High Pressure Hose

P/N AL9100-50       50’ LP Hose
P/N AL9100-100     100’ LP Hose

P/N AL9101-50B     50’ HP Hose
P/N AL9101-100B   100’ HP Hose


12” Industrial Plastic Blower

Lightweight, portable and durable, this blower is ideally suited for large confined spaces such as paper mills, tank purging or utility sites. This safety orange blower delivers both positive and negative airflow. Super quiet, molded carry handle, stackable with built in On/Off switch as well as enclosed electrical components are all part of the construction and design of this blower. Single Phase.

P/N AL9539-12



P/N AL9550-15          12" X 15'
P/N AL9550-25          12" X 25'


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